BNYS Colleges in Karnataka – Latest List of Colleges in 2024

I had given all the information about naturopathy colleges in Karnataka, their fee structure, reviews, facilities, etc.

BNYS Colleges in Karnataka with fee structure

Karnataka is a vast state, and I can understand your dilemma on where to find the list of BNYS Colleges in Karnataka and how to decide which is the best one for you. Don’t worry; you have landed a reliable source of information.

Let me start with a fun fact that can get you going with BNYS in Karnataka. Karnataka was one of the first states in India to introduce the BNYS program. It has been at the forefront of promoting and developing naturopathy and yogic sciences education in the country. Thus, it is unsurprising that many students choose this state as their first option.

In Karnataka, the need for well-trained BNYS professionals is steadily increasing. With a growing preference for holistic and natural remedies in healthcare, the demand for skilled naturopathy practitioners is soaring. Now, more than ever, there is a pressing requirement for knowledgeable individuals who can provide personalized, comprehensive, and preventive healthcare solutions. Choosing a suitable BNYS College and pursuing a career in this field will be the best choice for you!

Coming to the list of colleges, there are 9 BNYS Colleges in Karnataka, out of which one is a government college and the other 8 are private BNYS Colleges. One common thing about these colleges is all the colleges are listed among the best BNYS Colleges in India. So, you can rely on any college for good education and a path to a successful career.

The BNYS program in Karnataka holds official recognition. It is overseen by the Department of AYUSH, which operates under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. This endorsement guarantees that the program adheres to established education and quality standards.

If you want, you can also go through the list of all BNYS colleges in India.

That is a lot of information I told you about colleges and how BNYS is in Karnataka. Now, let’s get to the point and tell you in detail about the list of top BNYS Colleges in Karnataka!

List of BNYS Colleges in Karnataka

In today’s fast-paced world, more and more individuals are realizing the importance of holistic healing. With the rising demand for natural and alternative therapies, the BNYS colleges in Karnataka have emerged as a plethora of knowledge and transformation. These institutes provide a curriculum that nurtures students’ passion for holistic wellness and encourages them to become healthcare leaders. 

Sl. NoCollege NameLocation
1.Tapovana Naturopathy CollegeDavengere
2.S-Vyasa UniversityBangalore
3.SDM College of NaturopathyUjjire
4.G Madegowda Naturopathy CollegeMaddur
5.MVM Naturopathy CollegeBangalore
6.Govt Nature Cure And Yoga Medical CollegeMysore
7.Sharada Naturopathy CollegeMangalore
8.Alvas Naturopathy CollegeMangalore
9.Yenepoya Naturopathy CollegeMangalore

Below in each section, I will explain each naturopathy college in Karnataka and at the last part, I will share the fee structure and some tips on choosing the best naturopathy college in Karnataka.

Tapovana Naturopathy College Campus

Tapovana Naturopathy College Davangere is a prestigious educational institution that focuses on providing excellent education and training in the field of naturopathy and yogic sciences. Established in 2002, the college is affiliated with the highly regarded Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and is recognized by the Government of Karnataka. Located in a tranquil and serene environment, the college provides an ideal setting for students to learn and grow.

The college offers a Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS) undergraduate course. Admission to this program will require you to have a qualifying score of at least 55% in the 10+2 examination, including subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. The curriculum covers all essential aspects of BNYS and includes a one-year internship program. The college emphasizes not only academic excellence but also the overall development of its students. An array of extracurricular activities, sports facilities, yoga, meditation, and natural therapies are integrated into the daily routine to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

With its extensive facilities and infrastructure, Tapovana Naturopathy College Davangere aims to create an enriching environment for students pursuing naturopathy and yogic sciences. The college provides facilities such as lecture halls, seminar rooms, fully stocked libraries with digital resources, modern clinical development laboratories, and other technological tools to offer a top-notch learning experience. Additionally, the institution has well-equipped hospitals in Harihara and Davangere cities, providing students with ample clinical exposure.

To ensure the well-being of students, the college provides comfortable accommodations, transportation, medical facilities, and recreational amenities. The vibrant campus encompasses a playground and a yoga hall for sports activities and physical fitness.

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S-Vyasa University Bangalore

S-Vyasa University Bangalore, also known as Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, is a renowned institution providing quality Yoga education. Established in 1986, the university has received recognition from the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. It is the first Yoga college in India and worldwide, with a strong focus on addressing modern challenges through the application of Yoga.

At S-Vyasa University, you will experience a unique combination of traditional education and modern scientific methodology. The educational approach integrates the traditional Gurukula system with practical hands-on experiences and in-depth research. The university offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs in Yoga and related fields. These courses are designed to promote health, harmony, and peace globally, rooted in a strong philosophical foundation.

The campus, known as Prashanti Kutiram or Abode of Peace, covers over 100 acres and provides a tranquil environment for learning. The university proudly houses a remarkable Yoga Library, with an extensive collection of books, videos, and publications. In addition, the digital library offers access to thousands of online journals. You will also find Arogyadhama, a unique Yoga Therapy Research Health Home, on campus. This facility features a 250-bed inpatient treatment center and focuses on preventing, treating, and rehabilitating non-communicable diseases.

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SDM Naturopathy College Ujjire Campus Building

In 1989, SDM College of Naturopathy Ujire became a prominent institution for high-quality education in the Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences field. The college is affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and holds recognition from the Government of Karnataka and the Government of India. Offering a comprehensive 5½-year BNYS (Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences) Degree Course, the college welcomes 120 students annually from various parts of India and around the globe.

The college has collaborated with the governments of Karnataka and India to build 10 outpatient departments (OPD) at current Taluka Government Hospitals in Karnataka. This collaboration allows students to gain valuable practical experience by actively participating in patient care.

With a successful track record over the years, the college has produced more than 1400 skilled doctors who have completed their education and made a mark in their professional careers nationally and internationally. Additionally, the college takes pride in offering postgraduate courses (M.D.) in three disciplines and Doctoral Courses in Naturopathy and Yoga.

The SDM College of Naturopathy Ujire campus offers a warm and student-friendly atmosphere, creating an ideal environment for learning. The college emphasizes professional ethics and addresses the community’s health needs through its undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral courses in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences.

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G-Madhegowda Naturopathy College Maddur is a prestigious institution situated in Maddur, Karnataka. Its primary objective is to offer high-quality education in the field of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, which has earned it recognition and appreciation for its commitment to excellence.

The college is affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and is officially recognized by the Government of Karnataka. It provides a comprehensive Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS) program that equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become proficient naturopathy practitioners.

G-Madhegowda Naturopathy College Maddur’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities create an enriching learning environment. The campus includes well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and a library with an extensive collection of books and resources on naturopathy and yoga. Moreover, the college offers hostel facilities to ensure the convenience and comfort of the students.

Aside from academic excellence, the college emphasizes the overall growth of its students. Various extracurricular activities and sports facilities are available to encourage a well-rounded personality. Furthermore, the college promotes a healthy lifestyle by integrating yoga, meditation, and natural therapies into the students’ daily routines.

MVM Naturopathy College Building

If you’re interested in a career in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, MVM Naturopathy College Bangalore is a great option to consider. Despite being a new institution founded in 2018, the college has quickly gained recognition and become one of the top BNYS colleges in Bangalore.

Affiliated with the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, the Directorate of AYUSH and the Government of Karnataka recognize the college as a “Centre of Excellence.” This recognition reflects the college’s dedication to providing high-quality education in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences.

MVM College of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS) course, which combines knowledge from naturopathy, yoga, and related sciences. This course provides a strong foundation in natural healing methods, holistic wellness, and therapeutic techniques. The course lasts for 5 ½ years, including a one-year internship.

The college has modern amenities, including a 100-bed hospital wherein students can acquire hands-on training in Yoga and Naturopathy. This hands-on experience allows students to have a thorough awareness of patient requirements as well as the social circumstances in which medicine is performed.

Located in a prime area of Bangalore, the college enjoys excellent connectivity to the city’s railway station and international airport, making it convenient for students seeking easy travel options.

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Government naturopathy college mysore building

The Govt Nature Cure and Yoga Medical College in Mysore is the city’s only college of its kind. Established in 2006, this college has become a plethora of excellence in the field of natural healing. Being affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and approved by the Central Council of Indian Medicines Bangalore, it offers a BNYS course with an intake of 25 students annually. 

The college’s association with a government hospital provides students with valuable clinical exposure, allowing them to gain practical experience in treating patients using nature cures and yoga therapies. This enables them to enhance their skills and build their confidence.

The college provides a conducive learning environment with well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and a spacious library with a wide range of resources. Furthermore, the dedicated yoga hall offers a peaceful space for students to practice and refine their yoga skills.

As a government college, Govt Nature Cure and Yoga Medical College signifies excellence, reliability, and a commitment to delivering quality education in natural healthcare. Admission to this esteemed institution opens doors to a rewarding career supported by government recognition, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities.

If you want to know about colleges near Mysore, then you can go through my detailed article about BNYS colleges in Mysore.

Sharada BNYS College Mangalore Garden

Sharada Naturopathy College in Mangalore is an excellent choice for your educational journey. The college is committed to instilling a sense of service and a love for learning among its students.

Established in 1990 by the Tulunad Educational Trust, the college has gained recognition from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and the Government of Karnataka. Their highly regarded BNYS program offers a comprehensive curriculum that empowers students to realize their full potential and become future leaders in the field.

To be eligible for the BNYS course, you must have completed the 10+2 or equivalent examination in science subjects, with a minimum aggregate of 45% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Non-Karnataka candidates will require an eligibility certificate from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

The college’s picturesque campus offers a serene and traditional environment. It is well-connected to various transportation options, making it easily accessible. The facilities include a digital library, simulation laboratories, hostels designed to provide a comfortable living experience, and a yoga hall. The college also emphasizes sports and cultural activities, promoting overall student growth.

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Alvas Naturopathy College Building

Dr. M. Mohan Alva, a visionary philanthropist, founded this college in 2003, and it has quickly established a well-deserved reputation for its unwavering commitment to offering quality education, making it a top institution in the sector. With accreditations from prestigious organizations like AYUSH under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, and recognition from esteemed bodies like the CCRYN, NIN, and MDNIY, Alvas Naturopathy College sets the bar high for educational standards.

The college offers undergraduate (BNYS) and postgraduate (MD) courses in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, specifically designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive as a successful naturopathic practitioner. But that’s not all! The curriculum also emphasizes building your character and instilling ethical values in you, ensuring you become a well-rounded professional.

The college has a well-stocked library with a wide selection of medical literature and publications. Sports are popular on campus, and separate housing is available for boys and girls. The multi-cuisine mess serves great meals; power and water are always available.

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Yenepoya Naturopathy College Mangalore

Yenepoya Naturopathy College, founded in 2020, is the first naturopathy and yoga medical college connected with a Southern Indian state (Deemed-to-be University).

The college is dedicated to integrating traditional medical techniques with naturopathy and yoga and is recognized by major organizations such as the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Government of Karnataka, AYUSH, and the Central Council of Research in Yoga and Naturopathy.

The college offers a BNYS program intended to give you a wealth of information and abilities in the fields of naturopathy and yoga by fusing traditional therapeutic practices with modern scientific concepts. 

The college provides excellent facilities, including a well-stocked library, state-of-the-art laboratories, and smart classrooms equipped with modern technology.

On-campus hostels ensure a safe and nurturing environment for students, while a spacious yoga hall and dedicated prayer hall cater to their physical and spiritual well-being. With a green campus, sports facilities, and 24/7 security, every aspect of student life is carefully considered.

If you are looking for other colleges, then you can also go through the list of BNYS colleges in Mangalore.

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BNYS Fee Structure in Karnataka

When it comes to pursuing a career in BNYS, aspiring students are often concerned about the financial implications. While the fees may vary from college to college, investing in your holistic education is wise. The cost of pursuing a BNYS program in Karnataka can range from approximately INR 50,000 to 2,50,000 per year, depending on the institution.

College NameFees per year
Tapovana Naturopathy College Rs.1.66 lakhs per year
S-Vyasa UniversityRs.1.83 lakhs per year
SDM College of NaturopathyRs.2.25 lakhs per year
G Madegowda Naturopathy CollegeRs.1.25 lakhs per year
MVM Naturopathy CollegeRs.2 lakhs per year
Govt Nature Cure And Yoga Medical CollegeRs.50,000 per year
Sharada Naturopathy CollegeRs.1.75 lakhs per year
Alvas Naturopathy CollegeRs.1.78 lakhs per year
Yenepoya Naturopathy CollegeRs.1.5 lakhs per year

Apart from the tuition fees you have to pay for the hostel, food, university fees, examination fees, etc. These fees depend on each college.

There will be different kinds of hostels too, you can choose the ones which are needed according to your budget.


As the world witnesses a significant shift towards natural healing modalities, BNYS colleges in Karnataka offer an excellent opportunity for students aspiring to make a difference in the world of holistic well-being. The amalgamation of naturopathy, yoga, and modern scientific principles equips graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to bring about positive change in the lives of individuals.

Dare to explore the union of ancient wisdom and modern science. Enroll in the BNYS course now, and embrace a journey that will shape not only your career but also your life. Let holistic wellness be your calling, and soar towards a future of exceptional patient care. Contact us and give us the opportunity to be the initial stage of your career. We will help with all the guidance needed for your BNYS admission in Karnataka.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Karnataka a better place to study BNYS?

Karnataka is renowned for its traditional healing practices and offers a plethora of top-notch institutions. Plus, with government recognition and a supportive atmosphere, Karnataka truly creates the perfect setting for your naturopathy education. 

2. I am looking for a city with multiple BNYS colleges. Can you tell which city in Karnataka has the most BNYS colleges?

If you’re looking for multiple BNYS colleges, you should go to Mangalore. It has 3 top BNYS colleges in Karnataka.

3. How many colleges offer Yoga and Naturopathy courses in Bangalore?

S-Vyasa and MVM College of Naturopathy and Yoga offer Yoga and Naturopathy courses in Bangalore.

4. Is BNYS a good course and what is the demand for BNYS in Karnataka?

In Karnataka, there is a growing demand for BNYS, with increasing recognition and support from the government and rising awareness among people about the benefits of natural healing methods. 

5. What is the cut-off for BNYS colleges in Karnataka?

You must score at least 50% aggregate marks in your 12th to get BNYS admission in Karnataka.

6. I am planning to enroll in a government college. Are there any government BNYS Colleges in Karnataka?

Yes, there is one government BNYS college in Karnataka, i.e., Govt Nature Cure And Yoga Medical College in Mysore.

7. What is the fee structure of BNYS Colleges in Karnataka? Can I get into a college on a low budget?

Depending on the institution, the cost of pursuing a BNYS program in Karnataka might range from INR 50,000 to 2,50,000 yearly.

8. I am a Non-Karnataka candidate, so will I get an accommodation facility in these BNYS Colleges in Karnataka?

Yes, all the BNYS Colleges in Karnataka offer hostel facilities, so you need not worry about your accommodation in this state. 

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