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With more than 17 years of experience in the field of education and digital marketing, ZoomColleges.com was founded by Vishnu Nambiar and Sidharth PS, two career counselors hailing from their Gods Own Country, settled in Bangalore, Karnataka.

I am Vishnu Nambiar, the co-founder of ZoomColleges, and many educational ventures. I am a professional career counselor, digital marketer, and trainer.

I would just like to tell you our story of starting ZoomColleges, which will give you a better understanding of the portal and the people behind it.

We have educated and helped thousands of students to help choose a career or college which suits the best to them.

Our portal, ZoomColleges, helps aspiring students use the power of transparent communication with us and helps them in choosing a better career.

Below I had mentioned a few things you must keep in your mind and why people choose us!

Our Story

Back in 2003, Sidarth was an emerging entrepreneur who saw a lack of proper guidance for students who wanted to do their higher studies.

There was a lack of information which was available to students and parents. The trend is that most of the students only chose either engineering or the medical field.

That is when Sidharth started to travel to the neighboring states, visited many private institutes, and collected proper information about them. He understood and ranked the colleges on the basis of his personal experience. This helped him guide students and parents with confidence and was known as a professional career counselor in the state, in less than 3 years.

But things changed when the internet started booming and a lot of fake information and marketing tactics started dominating the educational industry. Thousands of fraud cases and scams were reported in a short span of time and it was then he met his friend who was a career counselor and had experience in digital marketing.

It all started there…

Sharing the same thoughts and ideas, the idea of proper education and a career-related information portal popped up. With a lot of planning, research, and hard work we were ready to come up with the best educational website with 100% genuine information.

That is how ZOOMColleges.com was started!

In a very short span of time, we guided thousands of students and were able to gain the trust of our students. 

This further motivated us to expand our portal available to people in regional languages. This actually helped us in spreading our name in the rural areas as well.

And all these happened due to our proper research about each college, course, and everything in the education industry.


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Our Areas of Expertise

We provide many services which are needed in the educational field, but we expertise majorly in the following.

Course Selection

College Selection


Counseling Guidance

Educational Loan Guidance


College Reviewing

Award-winning Career Expert

We provide the best quality service with 100% transparency and we are really proud to be the best in the field.

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